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Rapid Computer Services

Software Solutions - Computer Services
Hardware Solutions - Computer Services

Serving Kennesaw, Georgia, & Nationwide

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

 In Business since 2010

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Software Solutions

Our technicians optimize your system by removing all signs of viruses and recover lost data. Rapidteck sets up secure wired and wireless networks specifically for homes and businesses.

Hardware Solutions

Rapidteck builds custom PCs based around your individual needs. We also upgrade your current system and even replace broken laptop screens—all at rates you can afford!


A computer is an indispensable part of daily life in every business or household today!

However; as with every type of machine computers also require maintenance, and repair at some point in time.
Only someone with the qualifications and experience can provide these services and do so for you reliably.

 Rapidteck is the company for you, we service and sell computers in North Georgia specifically, nationwide with shipping, and service computers in South Eastern Tennessee, and North Eastern Alabama for both residential and small business customer onsite regularly as well!
We are located in Kennesaw, GA just North of Atlanta, we always strive to perform dependable and reliable services for our customers. Whether you need a custom built computer, computer or peripheral setup, Software, Computer hardware upgrades, virus removal, secure home or small business network installation you can call on us.

Since the establishment of our PC repair business in 2010, we have helped many at Rapidteck and we always strive to perform as your reliable computer service provider.

 If you have any problem with your computer, please do not hesitate to call us, we will gladly meet your requirements and exceed your expectations!

Our Story

The owner of Rapidteck has actually worked in the industry since 1994 when he started working in the computer industry. He was initially introduced to the inside of a computer at the Intel support labs in Atlanta, GA where he is a native. Following years of working for all major computer manufacturers in the field and gaining experience in the network sides of the field as well plus doing the work on the side helping friends and relatives for years he officially started doing side work as Rapidteck roughly 5 years ago.

Rapidteck aims to be your geek next door and technology adviser whether it is just for you and your family and friends or your small business. We fix your computers and network equipment whether it be just a single desktop computer at your house your family uses, your laptop for college, work, or just for personal use and the computers networks and peripherals at your small business. We pride ourselves on giving great personal service to all our client's needs and doing so at an unbeatable price every  time.

Call us today if you need a custom built computer, advice on new technology, virus removal, a secure wireless or wired network at home, upgrades or repair on your computers or for advice.

Contact us at (877) 679-0772 for virus removal and other convenient computer services.